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Skaneateles Early Childhood Center

Coronavirus Quick Reference Guide


If you are sick, please stay home.
Help keep our community healthy and safe!

Masks/ Face Coverings

Children under age two cannot wear a mask/face covering.

Pre-K children, 3-5 yrs. are strongly encouraged to wear a mask/face covering at all times.

School Age Program children, grades K-5 must wear a mask/face covering at all times.

Note: Mask/Face coverings will not be worn while eating or napping. There will be space provided for mask breaks if needed. Please provide 2 masks/face coverings daily for your child. SECC will have disposable masks available if masks from home are soiled or forgotten.

Daily Screenings

All employees and children must conduct a daily health screening upon arrival.

This includes a series of simple questions and a temperature screening.

NYS Travel Advisory

SECC follow’s New York State’s travel guidance surrounding COVID-19 restrictions. For current information please click the link below.