SECC charges based on a sliding scale for tuition, which differs depending on the program (infant, toddler, pre-k, before/after school) a child is enrolled in and the number of days per week (2, 3, or 5) a child attends. Tuition is due by Friday, 6:00 p.m. for the following week’s care.

What does Tuition Support?

At SECC, we strive to offer high quality care, to provide a safe, nurturing environment that promotes learning, to keep the teacher to child ratio low, and to employ professional staff that are knowledgeable in child development. High quality care, however, does not come without cost.

Tuition is SECC’s main source of revenue. Roughly 80% of SECC’s expenses go toward staff salaries. In order to recruit teachers with experience and child development expertise  as well as maintain a low rate of staff turnover, it is necessary to offer competitive salaries and benefits to staff.

Nationally, child care is typically a very low paying field and as a result many programs face high rates of staff turnover.  At SECC we are fortunate to have a committed staff. Because children learn best when they are able to bond and form close relationships with care providers, maintaining low teacher turnover is synchronous with high quality care.

The remaining 20% of SECC’s revenue helps to cover a variety of expenses associated with running a child care center such as teacher training, food, utilities, equipment, supplies, mortgage, insurance, and taxes. As a non-profit, revenue from tuition, grants, and fundraising is just enough to cover our expenses.

SECC is not just a place for parents to send their child while they are at work, but a place of learning and advancement. The first few years of a child’s life are a critical time for brain development. The quality of early childhood education during this time will lay the foundation for life long learning. Tuition is what helps SECC continue to offer the highest standard of child centered, professionally nurtured, care and opportunities for learning.