Skaneateles Early Childhood Center Board of Directors

Terry Hoffman-DeWitt (SECC Board President)

Terry Hoffman-Dewitt always said during her 30+year working career she wanted to give back to all the caregivers who took such wonderful care of her daughter while she worked and traveled for her job.  “What better place could I have chosen than SECC who nurtured my daughter.”  Terry loves to scuba dive, hike and travel and now gets to take her family with her.


Sue Jones (SECC Board Vice-President)

As a former SECC parent and teacher, Sue Jones is proud that the center provides a high quality early education program in a childcare setting.  Sue is the Office Manager at Baltimore Woods. 


Anna Murphy (SECC Board Treasurer)

Anna Murphy is a tax partner at the firm of Grossman St. Armour, CPSs PLLC. Two of Anna’s children, Chris and Danielle were fortunate enough to attend SECC. Currently, Anna’s granddaughter attends the Center.


Stacey VanSlyke (SECC Board Secretary)

Stacey VanSlyke feels it is important to give back when you can and that is why she joined the SECC Board. Her three children, from infancy to 5th Grade, experienced every wonderful thing that SECC has to offer. Knowing that her children were in a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment was invaluable while she was at work.


Bill Burdick (SECC Board Member)

As Owner & Creative Director of the WDBurdick Company, Bill Burdick brings decades of experience with successfully branding, marketing, and promoting his clients as well as many community-based organizations like SECC.


Cindy Murphy (SECC Board Member)

Cindy Murphy is a current SECC parent, grateful to SECC for providing the comfort of knowing her daughter is in safe, caring hands while learning valuable life lessons. She is committed to preserving the same experience for the parents of generations to come.


Thomas Sandak (SECC Board Member)

Tom Sandak is a proud parent to two SECC kids. Tom is on the board because he believes that early childhood education is extremely important for his own kids and for the health of the entire local community.

Lisa Dietz (SECC Board Member)

Having two young children that attend SECC, Lisa Dietz, understands the passion of teaching and love given to each child at the center.  Using her parental knowledge and business ownership skills, she is consistently thinking of creative ways to further support SECC programs future successes and growth.